A rolling stone gathers no moss

The Teal Team has been at work bringing the following projects to life.

TealHealth is a suite of proprietary software that enables physicians to participate in the medical cannabis arena with confidence and efficiency.  The TealHealth software brings together intake, assessment and prescribing into one easy-to-use tool, encouraging best practices, and strict adherence to the parameters of the MMPR regulations by both physicians and patients.  The software features direct digital links to our Licensed Producer Partners, promoting data accuracy, prompt patient registration, and quicker turnaround on patient orders.

TealValley.com (going live Q1 2016) is a partner web destination to TealHealth.  TealValley allows patients to become partners in their own care.  The site provides patients with the ability to track their cannabis prescription and it's renewal date, to track order status,  to educate themselves further on products, intake methods and other ideas to promote effective self care and medical efficacy.

Nevis Research Group undertakes research projects in partnership with notable researchers and Canadian Universities.  It is currently building a large post-market patient registry,  collecting millions of data points from thousands of Canadian Cannabis patients.  Future plans include the design and implementation of focused breakout studies on a number of symptoms of particular interest to the Teal Group and to the medical cannabis community.